Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update Status 1/26/13

  Sometime between today and Tuesday I will definitely begin working on new material.  I have no pre-planned agenda as far as what type of music I intend to write and record. Stay tuned to this blog (And my SoundCloud to the right column) for updates.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'Blue' EP Scrapped...What The Future May Hold.

    I am temporarily shelving the 'Blue' EP.  I am just not satisfied with the overall vocal quality of the tracks and I can't live with most if not all of the mixes I've been working on.  The tracks in of themselves are actually pretty good overall but in order to comitt them to a full blown 'Project' they need to be better.  So as for now they are going into the backup hard drive for use at another point and time perhaps.  Where do I go from here?  I am not quite sure but it won't be too long before I begin working on new material. I am also toying with the idea of going into the archives and remixing/remastering past songs heard and unheard for a mega collection.  I have probably a couple of hundreard previously released and unreleased songs on the backup drive that I can work with for this project. This is just an idea I have been contemplating and even if I do go forward with these plans I still plan on working on brand new material. Indecision has gripped me mostly due to the fact I have so much on my 'To Do' list in my personal life right now that I have been overwhelmed.  My soundcloud will be getting a purging too.  I need to clear the decks and start fresh. Still I urge you to check back on my soundcloud for any new material that may go up. A lot of times I post new material up there and won't announce it on this blog for days afterwards simply because I just couldn't find the time to do so. Thanks Again.